Tuesday 18 May 2021

Dr. Hauschka ampoules treatment : an air of renewal for the skin

28 days. An extra dose of energy.

Extremely energizing, Dr. Hauschka ampoules contain extracts of medicinal plants and mineral substances preciously united in rhythmic water. Spring is the ideal time to give your skin a real cure and to prepare optimally for the summer ahead. To strengthen the regenerating power of the skin, it is recommended to follow a 28-day cure with Dr. Hauschka ampoules.

Dr. Hauschka's treatment program

In addition to basic day and night treatments, the Dr. Hauschka treatment program also includes a spa and intensive care. Intensive care products supplement the basic care program once or twice a week. The processing phases are however limited to a period of 28 days. This period corresponds to the natural cycle of regeneration of our skin. For 28 days, the skin's renewal process is strengthened and its fine metabolism is regulated. If the skin's ability to regenerate declines with age, we recommend one treatment per decade of life.

Renewing Night Conditioner

The Renewing Night Conditioner is suitable for all skin types. It stimulates its functions, thus promoting its re-generation and regulating its humidity balance. Dry skin learns to retain moisture - oily skin reduces sebum formation and excess moisture.

After cleansing your face, apply the contents of two blisters (including eyes, mouth, neck and décolleté) and massage lightly. From the fourth week, use only one vial. No tonic or night serum is used during the treatment phase. 

Sensitive Care Conditioner

The Sensitive Care Conditioner is suitable for sensitive skin prone to redness. It supports the natural cycle of skin renewal, relieves redness and swelling, has a decongestant effect and prevents the increasing dilation of blood vessels.

After cleansing, apply the contents of one ampoule to the face (including eyes, lips, neck and décolleté) in the morning and evening and massage lightly. From week 4, apply only in the evening. No tonic or night serum is used during the treatment phase.

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