Wednesday 19 May 2021


For many years now, Maison Ruinart has been involved in protecting the environment, and in particular in the fight against climate change. It adopts and promotes initiatives throughout its field of action. The most recent and disruptive is the launch of the second skin case in 2020, an alternative to boxes that will reduce the carbon footprint of this packaging by 60%.

In the vineyard, labeled High Environmental Value and Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne since 2014, the House is continuing its actions in favor of living soils. It is now going further by dedicating the entire 40 hectares of the historic Taissy vineyard to a pilot project in favor of biodiversity, carried out with Reforest’Action. The initiative stands out for its size and comprehensive approach. It testifies to the desire to develop this approach in the years to come and to share it more widely on a Champagne scale.

The project is part of the IMAGINE movement of which Ruinart is one of the first members. It brings together actors wishing to mobilize around the world for the preservation and regeneration of forests on a large scale, in order to fight against the climate emergency and restore biodiversity.

Images courtesy of RUINART

Accompanied by Reforest'Action, Maison Ruinart wanted to deploy an ambitious pilot project in favor of biodiversity in its Taissy vineyard, which will be carried out based on vitiforestry, that is, the application of agroforestry techniques in the vineyard. A global approach which is facilitated by the proximity of the existing forest area of Fort de Montbré.

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