Tuesday 18 May 2021


Vinoperfect serum has been a cult product for over 15 years and the reason for its success is that it acts effectively on all types of dark spots and on all skin types. Visible results that make it unbeatable No.1 anti-dark spot product in French pharmacies with one sold every 30 seconds globally. 

On a constant quest to improve formulas, Mathilde Thomas and her team have developed new anti-dark spot products that are even more effective, clean and natural. For this reason in 2021, the anti-dark spot serum is being reinvented with a new biomimetic emulsifier that is revolutionising clean beauty. This new bio-inspired emulsifier mimics the layers of the skin structure. This similarity helps the Viniferine to be absorbed, optimising its action on dark spots with 3.9x greater effectiveness.The result: a more effective and cleaner formula.

The serum is effective on all types of dark spots such as: sun spots, hyperpigmentation spots, hormonal spots and melasma as well as on age spots.

Its effectiveness has been clinically proven on 6 skin phenotypes, from the fairest to the darkest.Its non-photosensitising formula is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It is also suitablefor pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Part of the new Vinoperfect range are also: Concentrated Brightening Glycolic Essence, Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night, Glycolic Peel Mask, Instant Brightening Moisturizer and Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream.

If you are looking to focus your skincare routine around treating dark spots I would suggest using at least these three products of the range :Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting, Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night and Instant Brightening Moisturizer. With these three products you will be able to clear complexion, reduce pigmentation, correcting dark spots and prevent the appearance of new ones.

The Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night thanks to the action of glycolic acid and papaya enzyme acts as a gentle peel for fresh and luminous skinin the morning. Apply in the evening on face and neck. Use as a night mask to boost results. The Instant Brightening Moisturizer thanks to niacinamides combined with Viniferine (500 ppm)n evens the complexion and provides instant radiance. Apply in the morning on face and neck. Last but not least the Radiance Serum Complex Correcting. It it is an absolute must to rediscover a radiant, luminous and even complexion, thanks to an array of plant extracts it effectively diminisheds the look of existing dark spots and prevents the appearance of new ones. 


Images courtesy of Caudalie

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