Thursday, 28 January 2016

Bulgari Le Gemme Orientali

The journey on the mysterious gems route continues. Bulgari Le Gemme enriches the collection taking inspiration on the iconic gems of the Arabian Peninsula: the sumptuous imperial topaz yellow, deep red carnelian and lapis lazuli blue night. Le Gemme Orientali is a tribute to the birthplace of the perfume, the Middle East.
Each gem perfume  is locked up in the typical amphora of the collection Le Gemme, with intense colors reminiscent of the purity of each gemstone. The only difference: the cap is inspired by the mosaics of the finely worked Bulgari Intarsio jewelry collection. Like a royal crown it closes each bottle with golden curls and mosaics in precious stones.

are available at
Boutique Bulgari Zurich
Jelmoli Zurich
Oswald Zug
 Boutique Bulgari Geneva 
Bon Génie Geneva
 Bon Génie Lausanne
 Boutique Bulgari Lugano

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