Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Moments of joy with GUHL

Moments of joy with GUHL as the brand celebrates this year its 70th birthday in Switzerland.The complete GUHL portfolio receives a high-quality product re-design and repositions itself with a modern brand image. "Tiefen Aufbau" - a bestseller of Guhl - is the first line which receives a revised formulation in addition to a new design. 
GUHL has the perfect care for any hair type and uses only ingredients of ultra purer quality, mostly from natural origins which are technologically enriched to obtain the maximum efficiency in haircare. Due to the unique combination of ingredients, scents and textures GUHL gives you an extraordinary pampering experience.

 "Tiefen Aufbau " - with nourishing Monoi Oil and Keratin³Komplex

The "Tiefen Aufbau" series with precious Monoi oil and the new Keratin³Komplex Technology is suitable for stressed and damaged hair. Nourishing Monoi oil is considered a traditional beauty elixir in Tahiti, due to its regenerating properties for skin and hair. The oil is rich in valuable proteins and lipids which makes the hair stronger as well as giving a silky shine. The new formulation Keratin³Komplex repairs the hair in three ways: it regenerates the hair structure deep down, it strengthens the hair, fiber by fiber and protects long term against new damages.
The "Tiefen Aufbau" Shampoo (250ml) gently cleanses the hair, regenerates deeply and strengthens the entire hair fiber. An optimal care supplement is the Repair Conditioner (200ml) which specifically repairs the hair structure and effectively protects. 

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