Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Starbucks beats the Winter blues with EnergyUp cafes

With the cold and dark days, which are hard to ignore, January often makes it difficult for us to get up and to leave the house. To beat the winter blues and to bring some zest to everyday life, Starbucks and Philips transform temporarily selected Starbucks Coffee Houses in Switzerland in EnergyUp cafes.

A daily dose of sunlight can increase energy levels and improve mood and wellbeing. So that Starbucks guests can recharge batteries, Starbucks transforms temporarily selected Starbucks Coffee Houses in Switzerland in EnergyUp cafes with specially installed Philips EnergyUp energy lamps.
The Philips EnergyUp lamp uses the natural power of daylight to enhance the energy, attention and mood. From 25th of January to 28th of February 2016 you will be able to recharge your energy batteries at the EnergyUp Cafes all while enjoying  your favourite Starbucks drink.

It has been proven that after 20-30 minutes of use, Philips energy lights has a revitalizing and mood-lifting effect. The application is simple, you position yourself about an arm's length away from the lamp to be able to benefit from the light with your eyes. The natural energy boost is perfect for a healthy lifestyle and can be used in many ways - whether in the morning for a lighter start to the day, at noon after lunch or just to keep up energy level throughout the day.

Samantha Yarwood, Starbucks marketing director EMEA says:
"The partnership with Philips brings an additional dimension to our " third place "concept - a place between work and home, where our guests can meet friends, work colleagues or neighbors, while enjoying your favorite coffee.We hope that with the new EnergyUp cafes will surprise and delight our guests and at the same time help them to fill up with energy in addition to the coffee enjoyment in the winter days through January and February. "

EnergyUP Café

Starbucks Central, Limmatquai, Zürich
Starbucks Bahnhofsplatz, Zürich
Starbucks Stauffacher, Zürich
Starbuck, Centralbahnplatz , Basel
Starbuck Waisenhauptplatz, Bern

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