Friday, 15 January 2016


The Levis Spring / Summer collection 2016 was inspired by a very special place, which lies hidden in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, in the Hollywood Hills  where some of the major artists of the 20th century were enchanted: WONDERLAND.
In the '50s it was initially the great architects and movie stars who dominated the mindset of this area. Then in the '60s folk singers were added with their strumming guitars, in the '70s the town was influenced by hazy psychedelia, rock & roll meets hippies. For fashion, this meant the combination of urban grays with color and floral prints, classic workwear looks were combined with modern bohemian style.

"Our new collection is named after a region in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, who was creative epicenter for artists, architects and musicians in the 60s and 70s. In this small piece of land in the mountains north of Hollywood is where an artistic revolution that changed the world developed. This collection is dedicated to the creative communities of our time. Wonderland. "
Says Jonathan Cheung, Levi's Senior Vice President Design.


The spring collection 2016 puts its emphasis on classical and modern workwear Indigo Styles, express femininity in all its facets. The new women denim collection perfect shaping skinny jeans, which should be in every wardrobe. For every woman there is a matching number: whether 710 Super Skinny, Skinny 711, 712 Slim, Straight 714, 715 Bootcut 721 High Rise - All models impress with their extremely soft materials and thanks to their innovative stretch they flatter any body type. Levi's presents playful retro lengths and crop models as the Mile High Super Skinny. New this season are Wonderland-inspired washes such as the layer overdye Indigos, Ocean Drift and White Noise washes and the Laurel Hills deconstructed finishes.
The legendary 501 CT Jeans is available in a variety of washes - from clear white to destroyed finish or reddish colored denims. They will be styled with  sweatshirts with 60s style delicate and feminine tops in deep blue tones.
The colors of the looks are inspired by Californian summer nights, faded blacks and antique white shades contrast with floral patterns. Casual cut, woven T-shirts and perfectly fitting button-down blouses are worn with  Seventies-inspired A-line skirts with heavily bleached finishes. Our timeless icon, the 501 Skirt, celebrates this season his debut as a perfectly cut, midi denim skirt with an A-line shape.
Although we do not know who was the first woman who reached for the scissors and cut her 501 jeans to transform them into shorts - but we know that it was a pretty good idea of it! This season our 501 Shorts get an upgraded as it appears as an essential summer basic in a Vintage inspired, higher rise Also new is the 501CT Shorts with the same casual cut Topblock as the 501 CT destroyed jeans.

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