Thursday, 7 January 2016

Start with RITUALS Ayurveda in the new year

A new year - a new self! Twelve months to get the best out of ourselves.
Rituals believe that one must not set unattainable goals. Quite the opposite: It's the little things that make the difference. So brighten  everyday life with simple daily rituals, like a relaxing treatment for the body or a carefree moment with a book. These moments give every day life something special.

Since daily rituals are easily observed, motivate yourself to meet the New Year's resolutions that require you to be more proactive. The purification of body and mind is a perfect first step.

The RITUALS Ayurvedic collection includes products that are based on the scent of Indian Rose and sweet almond oil. The soothing Shanti Shower Oil transforms upon contact with water in a silky soft foam and leaves the skin pleasantly smooth. The Himalayan Scrub cleanses and cools at the same time. The salt crystals from the heights of the Himalayas also have a harmonizing effect on body and mind. The Yogi Flow shower foam gives dry, stressed skin valuable nutrients thanks to its unique formula of Indian Rose and Almond Oil. The mineral-rich Himalayan honey Honey Touch Body Cream pampers the skin and enchants the senses at the same time with the scent of Indian Rose. The bed and body spray Chakra Water is the perfect completion of the Ayurvedic tradition and is enveloped in a bed and body invigorating scent.

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