Thursday, 7 January 2016

Take care of your lips this Winter Season with Swiss Smile Glorious Lips Lip Care Set

Swiss Smile cosmetics products combine luxury, aesthetics and timeless design. This is the also the case for the new Glorious Lips Lip Care Set, which is perfect to take good care of lips during the cold season and also make for a perfect gift.
We all know that in Winter, the mouth suffers particularly from the cold. Some parts become rough, lips dry up, and our smile can also suffer because of this.
 For this reason the new Swiss Smile Lip Care set care is ideal to take care of your lips. Composed of three products that complement each other perfectly : the "Glorious Lips Lip Gloss " which guarantees  optimal hydration of the lips during the day as well as giving them shine with a gorgeous Nude look trend. In the evening, the "Glorious Lips Oxygen Booster" and the "Glorious Lips Lip Balm" are the  perfect night care to regenerate the lips. The  Oxygen Booster needs to be applied around the lips to fill and smooth minor lines and wrinkles, while the balm, placed on the lip nourishes and regenerates rough parts.
The new Swiss Smile Glorious Lips Lip Care Set consists of Lips Lip Gloss, the Lips Lip Balm Lips and Oxygen Booster.

Glorious Lips Lip Gloss

This volume building transparent lip gloss, makes lips appear instantly fuller and more sensuous. Its formula enriched with moisturizing, antioxidant vitamin A and E. Minor lines and wrinkles are smoothed out resulting in soft and silky smooth lips. You can apply the lip gloss on its own or even on top of a coloured lipstick. It gives a lovely shine, volume and wellbeing to the lips.

Glorious Lips Oxygen Booster

This Glorious Lips Booster supplies the delicate skin around the lips with oxygen.
The skin this way is refreshed, energised and aglow with youthful vibrancy. Enriched with a collagen complex the product promotes long-term cellular production.
It also cointans a powerful ectoin complex which instantly moisturises skin and brings immediate revitalisation.
The Glorious Lips Oxygen Booster also helps to visibly smooth minor lines and wrinkles using oxygen, collagen and moisture resulting in a even, smooth and glowing lip area.

Glorious Lips Lip Balm

This lip balm with its delicate formula, gives a lovely touch of pink as well as regenerating and revitalising lips overnight.
It is a great help for dry and chapped lips which regain their suppleness and their natural protection is restored. Enriched with vitamin A and vitamin E it visibly reduces signs of ages, such as dullness, lines and dryness.

Glorious Lips Lip Care Set
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