Thursday, 14 January 2016

Croatian recipe: the secret recipe for a perfect holiday

In time for the beginning of the year, when we start planning our holidays, the Croatian National Tourist Board publishes  a new study results on the holiday behavior of the Swiss. What factors shape the Holiday decisively? And what aspects have to be considered when planning a holiday?

The precious holiday weeks that we have available each year, need to be well planned in order to be really enjoyed. The results of the latest study of the Croatian National Tourist Board is clear on what holidaymakers deem it important and what factors determine the perfect holiday. Examined  was the behavior of travelers from eleven countries. Including 1'000 Swiss citizens.

The Swiss Holiday Types

With the help of specific questions and character profiles all participants in the study were categorized into seven holiday types: local expert, beach bunny, young and free, family Organizer, culture lovers, romantics and adventurers.

The top three holiday profiles of the Swiss are the following: local expert, romantics and adventurers. 21% of the Swiss surveyed prefer to enjoy the local life of their holiday country and want to see a lot of new places. They therefore fall into the category of local experts. The romantics type (17%) prefer to travel in summer and love to relax in a peaceful retreat with their partner. And then we have the adventurers (14%)  who spends most of their time with various outdoor activities, they also prefer to travel in summer.

The ingredients for the perfect holiday

Take genuine hospitality, the right travel companion, beautiful weather and a safe destination, coupled with the opportunity to gain new experiences and not cost too much. For Swiss holidaymakers these are the key elements for a great holiday, to which one will have fond memories of.

Compared to other countries, Swiss holidaymakers are truly adventurous when it comes about cuisine. They like to try  local cuisine. Generally, the experience plays a central role: whether it's fine dining or exploring new areas and villages that have their own special charm.

Contrary to the general opinion phone and Internet connections are less important to really enjoy the free time. The planning of activities is not a priority.

Of course, fundamental factors such as weather, the quality of the accommodation and  costs play a major role. Socializing is a key element, because with the right holiday companion and friendly local people every trip is simply much more beautiful.

Whether local experts, romantics, adventurers or - Croatia is an ideal holiday destination for practically every Swiss. Anyone who has been in Croatia, also returns again and again. 82 percent of travelers from Switzerland reported positively of their holiday and would recommend Croatia as a holiday destination.
Only a few hours away from Switzerland, Croatia has regardless of the season, a variety of activities and experiences to be made. The incomparable nature, the diverse local cuisine and the history of the country make Croatia a unique holiday destination for all those who love the sea, good food, culture or sports.
 While 83 percent of Swiss tourists love to sunbathe on Croatian beaches, and activities in and around the water are very popular: Diving (67%), sailing (61%), cycling (65%) and camping (63%).

Not without a reason, Croatia was chosen as one of the top 10 vacation destinations in the world by all participants. 33 percent of the Swiss surveyed have been to Croatia and rate their holidays as above average. Thanks to the varied range of activities and travel opportunities, Croatia is an ideal destination throughout the year for many.

About the survey: In the two-week period 11,000 participants (over 18 years of age) took part in eleven countries (Great Britain, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Holland, France, Sweden, Italy, Norway and Austria) were interviewed. In Switzerland 1,000 people took part in the survey. All results are demographically representative.

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