Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Following day and night rhythm: the new Dr. Hauschka face care offering for 2016

If opposites attracts, it may be because they complement each other so well. Day and night, although in opposition, are also made for each other. This cycle of daily changes gives rhythm to  the lives of human beings and influences the activity of our skin. Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics puts this into focus with its unique care concept: a protective daily care and a non greasy, water based night care.
Protection during day, revitalization during the night: a facial care that follows the rhythm of the skin. 
Because skin has different functions day and night. During the day, it reacts to external elements allowing to feel the environment very closely, while forming a protective barrier. At night, skin has no need to protect itself against aggressions therefore it can focus on the inside to regenerate.
Dr. Hauschka face care offering for 2016 plays on this complementarity by offering products that complement each other. Your favourite Dr. Hauschka day creams will come with a free travel-size Dr. Hauschka night serum for a limited time.
Rose Day Cream (30 ml)
Rose Day Cream Light (30 ml)
Quince Day Cream (30 ml)
Melissa Day Cream (30 ml)
 in the original size will come with a  free Travel-size  of the Dr. Hauschka night serum (2.5 ml).

Dr. Hauschka face care offeri is available from January, 15th 2016 until approximately May 2016.

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