Thursday, 21 January 2016

Katy Perry presents Covergirl's Superduos for Spring 2016

Mother and daughter, best friends, sisters, are true Superduos. Between them reign perfect harmony and they complement each other perfectly. Back to the universe of make-up: COVERGIRL presents for  2016  the Superduos two trends. The two Superduos of COVERGIRL offer all women the perfect accessory to create and reproduce in a jiffy all the makeup trends for 2016.
 The first Superduo includes the Super Sizer by LashBlas Mascara and the liquid eyeliner Intensify Me! by LashBlast.
With the first COVERGIRL mascara with the Lash Styler eyelashes are ultra voluminous  and expressive, and seem 400% longer. With the liquid eyeliner Intensify Me!, you can also recreate the perfect outlined styles worn by Katy Perry.
 The other Superduo is about to give gloss and shine to the lips: another Spring 2016 trend.
 discreet gloss or creamy color, with Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams & Sheers, women are now spoiled for choice, without sacrificing  care and shine. To complete the make up: LashBlast Volume Mascara loved by Swiss women for more than six years now.
Whether mother and daughter duos or friends, all women can create in no time, the trend looks for 2016, thanks to the Superduos by COVERGIRL.

Super Duo 1: Super Sizer by LashBlast mascara and liquid eyeliner
Intensify Me! by LashBlast

The Super Sizer by LashBlast is the only mascara COVERGIRL
with a very special Lash Styler, which gives style to lashes
as well as makeup. 
For a more intense look the liquid eyeliner
 Intensify Me! by LashBlast is the perfect complement 
to the Super Sizer Mascara. Its felt-tip creates
different styles in no time. Turning the eyeliner, it is possible to switch between
wide side of the tip, and so draw graphics looks and emphasize your eyes for a
cat eye look, and on the fine side for thinner, classic lines.

Super Duo 2: Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams & Sheers and mascara
Classic LashBlast Volume

For women who want to emphasize their lips while keeping a discreet look
discreet to showcase their natural beauty the products of the 2nd
Superduo will be the ideal partner. With their natural brilliance
and caring action the Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams & Sheers
are perfect for everyday use. While the colors of the
Sheers collection give lips a discreet gloss, the
Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams combine the tones of a formal evening look
with a natural finish.
To complete the look, 
the LashBlast Volume mascara
 is perfect to to intensify the eyes and will give you spectacular results

new products
will be available
 at the end of January 2016
exclusively at Migros

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