Tuesday 21 March 2017

Starbucks truly yours!

Starbucks is far more than an ordinary American coffee house chain. Every barista, every location and every product stands for 40 years of coffee expertise, innovative products, individual combinations - and above all for the love of coffee and their customers.
The passion for coffee can really be felt at Starbucks - from the coffee farmers from the different cultivation areas to the baristas, which greet customers with a smile every day in the Starbucks Coffeehouses around the world.

Coffee varieties - the perfect, individual drink for everyone

Whether a professionally prepared latte or a cup of fresh filter coffee Starbucks is part of the daily routine of many people. And of course every guest has different demands on how they like their coffee. Some prefer a stronger coffee other a milder roast, some with whole milk, other like Soja milk or just a little bit sweeter. Different milk varieties, a large selection of coffee varieties as well as various syrups and individual sweetening degrees guarantee the perfect beverage for everyone with over 85,000 beverage combinations.

Almond Milk  - Starbucks expands its selection

In addition to the previous varieties of whole milk, semi-skinned milk and lactose-free milk, as well as  milk substitute coconut and soya, Starbucks now also introduces Almond milk into its Swiss range in order to further expand the milk selection for Caffé Latte and the other beverages. Almond milk is a milk-free, nutty alternative to conventional milk.

Caffè Latte - just made for you

The favorite of many guests is their  individual Caffè Latte, which allows a wide combination of different ingredients. It also requires great precision in the production process - every time. And it is exactly because of this great precision as well as the love with which the Starbucks Baristas prepare each individual Caffè Latte that makes it so in demand. The latte combines fresh brewed coffee with perfectly beaten, velvety soft milk froth. The baristas foam the milk with small microfoam vesicles to give it a silky and creamy texture.

Espresso and milk - an irresistible combination

Also in the new season, fine latte variations await the guests. They are refined with Macadamia and Caramel.

NEW: Salted Toffee Macadamia Latte

For this new Caffè Latte, Starbuck's own espresso roast coffee and foamed milk are combined with nutty macadamia syrup. The drink is rounded off  with whipped cream and lightly salted toffee sprinkles, which provide a luxurious touch.

Burnt caramel latte

Caramel lovers will love the  Burnt Caramel Latte.The limited edition, due to its great popularity, is back with a symphony of perfectly frothy, velvety milk, freshly brewed espresso and burnt caramel syrup. The topping consists of whipped cream and sprinkles of fried caramel.

Three new coffee varieties - variety for the palate

Throughout the year, Starbucks always offers a variety of unique reserve coffees. This exquisite selection consists of very rare and exotic varieties that can be enjoyed both at Starbucks Coffeehouse and at home. This spring, the Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Farm, Guatemala Flor del Rosairo and Colombia El Penol enrich the Starbucks range.

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