Thursday 16 March 2017

Wellness from head to toe with Geberit Aqua Clean

Water is the most natural  method of cleaning and is truly the best way to thoroughly and beautifully clean ourselves. By using just water to clean ourselves our skin doesn't get irritated by chemichals or  soaps.
And is water the key player for Geberit Aqua Clean. The Geberit Group is the European market leader for sanitary products and technology as well as bathroom ceramics.
With over 40 years of experience Geberit has a great know-out in this field and this has allowed them to bring on the market revolutionary products and technologies as well as to set new standards in the personal care department.
Geberit Aqua Clean is the result of a growing demand and need  for cleanliness, freshness and hygiene on the toilet. Geberit Aqua Clean is a state of the art shower WC which through a pleasant water jet perfectly cleans and refreshes your back side leaving you with that perfectly clean feeling.
The product line is quite wide so you are sure to find the right model which will perfectly fit your needs and your bathroom interiors. The choice goes from from a stylish complete system to the easy-to-install attachment to your existing toilet.
You may think such a system can be quite expensive but there is really one to suit any budget, from the basic solution installed as an attachment to your existing ceramic WC to the more premium models which will fullfill even the most demanding wish. 
During the weekend I had the pleasure to stay at Riffelalp Resort in Zermatt, a beautiful alpine resort which overlooks the wonderful Mattherorn. The hotel at 2222 metres above sea level is surrounded by pure and fresh snow. While staying at Riffelalp I had the oppurtunity to try the Geberit Aqua Clean Sela as more and more top hotels in Switzerland and Europe are now equipping their bathrooms with the Aqua Clean Shower WCs to offer great comfort to their customers.
And let me say I felt the purity and the freshness of the outside was really broought inside into my bathroom.
At first sight let me tell you that the Aqua Clean Sela doesn't really look like a shower toilet thanks to its invisible technology. In this case it was wall-hung and had a simple and minimalistic design which perfectly fitted with the bathroom's interior look.
At the touch of a button your buttocks is cleaned with a warm, soft-airy shower jet. You can adjust the intensity and the oscillating shower making sure the cleansing process is really pleasant.
I had never tried a Shower WC before and I must say I was positively impressed. The Aqua Clean Sela is really easy and intuitive to use through the easy-to-reach buttons on the toilet seat. It is surprisingly refreshing and really gives you a feeling of cleanliness and purity. I was able to adjust the intensity of the water spray pressure which I thought was a plus and the oscillating spray ensured for a targeted and beneficial clean. It really brings you great comfort as it gives you a thorough clean and a with an exceptional feeling of freshness and purity. Just like that after shower feeling you truly feel wellness from head to toe.

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