Wednesday 25 July 2018


Luxury brand Bentley Fragrances has just released a new addition to its successful Momentum line: Bentley Momentum Unlimited - a fresh, contemporary fragrance that expresses the boundless freedom drive of urban travelers.
The Momentum Unlimited man loves traveling while enjoying a very special luxury: freedom.
Successful and style-conscious for the Bentley Momentum man  "The sky is the limit."
Whether New York, Dubai, London or Shanghai - he is constantly on road. But he also knows how to live right now and to transform every moment of his journey into an extraordinary memory. 
A fresher interpretation of the invigorating Momentum series, this dynamic fragrance combines the excitement of a stylish journey with the exciting contrast of tingling and sensual chords. Grapefruit and apple are the prelude, before the heart note takes on a new direction and reveals the unmistakable accord of wood and leather notes. The base note captivates with a masculine amber note.

is available at
Lalique Boutique, Zürich
Selected Parfum Shops

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