Monday 23 July 2018

LOCARNO INDUSTRY ACADEMY partecipants announcement

For the younger generations Locarno Pro's Academy represents a unique opportunity to discover and better understand the world of the Industry and its challenges. The 2018 edition will be characterized by collaboration and creativity.
The 10 selected partecipants work in the fields of traditional and digital distribution, management, international sales, festivals and marketing. They come from France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Russia. Everyone followed an atypical path that demonstrates their passion for cinema.
The Industry Academy will be the perfect opportunity for them not only to dialogue with a group of high-level professionals, but also to ask questions and enrich the experience in their professional field and to better understand that of their colleagues.
Invited speakers and tutors for the 2018 edition: Mathias Noschis (Alphapanda), Bobby Allen (MUBI), Matthijs Wouter Knol (Berlin EFM), Virginie Devesa (Alpha Violet), Pierre Menahem (Still Moving), René Wolf (Eye Film), Janet Pierson (SXSW), Franklin Leonard (The Black List) and others.

Photo credit: Locarno Festival

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