Wednesday 4 May 2022

KURE BAZAAR presents its new Nail Polish Remover Detox Oil

Spring is here ! Season of renewal and rebirth: nature resumes its course and offers a magnificent spectacle in the gardens, fields and forests giving birth to colors. Kure Bazaar is inspired by the season to unveil its new treatment: the Nail Polish Remover Detox Oil.

The longer days, the temperature becoming milder promises the coming of the summer season. At this time of year, nature brings scents and colors which makes you want to bring life to seasonal outfits starting with beautiful hands in spring colors. First and foremost, Kure Bazaar recommends taking care of your hands and nails by regularly applying nail care products, especially making sure to clean them properly.

Thanks to its expertise, Kure Bazaar presents its new Nail Polish Remover Detox Oil: in the form of an oil, this 100% natural remover without essential oils, will deeply clean the nails while purifying them. Its combination of oily macerate of rosemary extracts, olive leaves and vitamin D, this oil will intensely nourish, restore the cuticles, as well as the skin around the nails weakened by aggression or daily treatments.Thanks to its double action, this treatment will erase all traces of nail polish while restoring shine and vitality to the nails with a pleasant spring fragrance with Mediterranean notes.

Images courtesy of Kure Bazaar

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