Friday 27 April 2018

Dr. Hauschka new Discovery Kits

For all those who think that good things come in small packages Dr. Hauschka gives the Discovery Kits a new and more sustainable look. They no longer come in a tin box, but in a packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard. Made with great care, they are treated with as much attention as the original formats and carefully packed by hand. The kits make for nice gifts ideas and are a great way to discover the Dr. Hauschka universe!
In addition, the handy travel sized slip easily into the purse or cabin luggage. But it is only by using them that the products reveal their true virtues, as a refreshing treatment or a regenerating treatment for a weekend excursion or small getaways. 

"Effective & Essential"

We can not take back time, but we can support skin's vitality, stimulate it and 
maintain its hydration so that it is firmer. 
The "effective & essential" kit is ideal for discovering the 
regenerating Dr. Hauschka treatment.
 The set now contains the Restructuring Mask with a smoothing and toning effect. 

"Pure & Fine Skin"

The "pure & fine skin" kit contains everything needed to treat skin prone to impurities. 
The basic care combined with intensive care allows the skin to regain its natural balance. 
That's why this box contains two Dr. Hauschka masks. 
We recommend the Revitalizing Mask in addition to the Cleansing Mask. 
The result? The skin texture is refined and complexion is more even.


 All Dr. Hauschka's favorite products in a box. 
Whether for a weekend getaway, an overnight stay at a friend's house or 
simply to discover 
the Dr. Hauschka's healing ritual, the "must-have" kit
 is always the perfect companion. 
In addition to the samples, it contains the very popular Lip Care Stick.

"Night & Active"

Once the day is over, when our mind is at rest, nighttime processes take place in our body. 
The skin takes advantage of our hours of sleep to renew itself. 
Since during the night skin does not need protection against
 external aggressions to regenerate, 
Dr. Hauschka relies on a non-greasy night care. 
The "night & active" kit is therefore perfect for discovering this concept. 
And if the skin pulls a little at first when you use this type of non-greasy care, 
we recommend the Revitalizing Mask. 
Clean the skin the Cleansing Milk before bedtime, 
then apply a small amount of Night Toning Serum.

Discovery Kits
are available now

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