Friday 27 May 2016

LEVI'S presents the 505 C the rock & roll jeans from the 70's with a fresh new take

Levi's 505 was first presented in 1967 during the "Summer of Love" when the hyppies movement  triggered an explosion of creative energy, especially on the US West Coast. Pop art and graffiti artists wore the 505 as well as rock stars, which gave a lived-in, rocked-in timeless fit. Known also as the unofficial stage jeans of Debbie Harry, the Ramones, Patti Smith and the Rolling Stones, the 505 became the epitome of style of the New York punk scene of the 70s.

Levi's presents for the autumn-winter collection 2016, the 505 C, a modernized and updated version of the timeless 505 fit. The "C" stands for "Customized" and refers to the subtle change in the fit: Levi's design team revised the straight leg and created the perfect Straight / slim fit for today's millenials.

"The timing for the launch of the 505 C could not be better. We noticed that more and more people bought the 505 as a vintage-style, particularly young women, because it gives a flatter front thanks to the zipper. In addition, the 505 formed this great "Levi's inverted heart" - the special fit on the bottom - which so far only the Levi's Vintage models had. We wanted the 505 C to be a vintage revival. " Karyn Hillman, Levi's Brand Chief Product Officer.

505 C
available from August 2016
in LEVI'S stores and
online on

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