Thursday 19 May 2016

Your new makeup rendez-vous with Selina Beutler

Selina Beutler combines her love of creativity and spontaneity since 2009 she has been creating wonderful make up. She was born in 1987 and made her diploma as a make-up artist. She is now a Maybelline makeup artist.
Makeup allows us to look different - A transformation into various roles and personalities gives freedom.
Selina describes the beautiful appearance of a woman as a certain mix between charme and revelation. This is based on the one hand in the passion for their work and in the perception of the latest trends and looks.

Every second Friday Selina will have a guest on her sofa and will give her insider tips in all things makeup and answer all your questions. The tutorials will be broadcasted on YouTube and can be viewed on the homepage of Maybelline.

If you would like to be there and have your make-up done you can sign up on facebook: erland / app / 1065262956894106 /? ref = page_in ternal

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  1. Thanks for sharing :-) Was good to see you again yesterday!