Sunday 15 May 2016

Ready for a Riviera Escape with Yankee Candles

Are you ready for a Riviera Escape? With Yankee Candle new collection you can recreate just that in the comfort of your home. The collection comprises of 4 scented candles and there is really one for everyone and for every room of the house. Enjoy a fresh breeze mingling with enticing fruit orchards in the room or a wonderful scent of herbs in the kitchen, you only have to choose your favourite Summer fragrance!
I have created my Summer set up with Riviera Escape, Olive & Thyme and Summer Peach by adding some shells and a fishnet but you can find some wonderful candle accessories to match the collection on the website. 
Yankee Candles are just the perfect finishing touch for any home!


A fresh, herbal scent from the Mediterranean coast with olive leaf, citrus and musk.


Ripe peaches straight from the orchard, warmed by the sun and begging for that first juicy bite.


A coastal scent of glittering promenades, full with hillsides of beautiful blossoms glowing in the sun.


Warm and inviting sage mingles with the clean, fresh scent of sea salt... like a relaxing walk along the shore,

Riviera Escape
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